data of his pheromone production

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I suppose trust pheromones like Chikara work pretty good. Now your question has to do with, maybe you’re starting off at a different level than say somebody who was been using pheromones for a long time.

W ell which unless you’ve actually gotten any explicit statements or pheromone signals I would respond you don’t want to start responding and c hanging things based on how she, you want to do that on a data of his pheromone production.

Want to do it on patterns. Right I haven’t seen any. Learn more at and

Haven’t had any experience for that new pheromone production. No … you know in a lot of ways yo u can actually work in your favour . Like I know … a lot of women are curious . A little curious about , I kind of think so … that actually could help you in a lot of instances of using pheromones.

So like a lot of there’s a lot of asian guys are just pulling this both , they are killing themselves mentally thinking about cheaper pheromones, you know, “Her hair look amazing and what not.” But, they are not realizing that , there’s a lot of curiosity and that can be taken advantage of . It’s like, if I was a Indian guy, I would be going around and talking to more pheromone users , you know whatever other western girls I wanted to and I will probably get on the subject of, I mentioned, that they are curious about it. And you know that … you know it is likely in playoffs with that. And they are like , “ oh ! How does he knows ?” Maybe girls are curious, eve n if they have it, they will be like, “Ahh! I have never thought about that, maybe I should have thinking about that.

And all I get like , “oh you have good curly eyes and skin, so cute, I can’t have sex with you because you use cheap pheromones.” I think there’s something , you are not clarifying the game you are p laying. Are you using sexual pheromones like Pherazone? Yes I’m using pheromones. But actually I started using jealous two nights ago . What I used to do, I explicitly state , I don’t judge you for being sexual. Am not t he clingy type and I will keep it discreet and that kind of stuff. It’s always in a different wording, I don’t have any routine stacked to it. And then are you doing anything to amplify your sexuality. I have talked about it in sexual framing. You know, they did all that work.

Maybe I should be curious about that.” And the more you know they are curious about it and it’s in your favour … .so that ’ s the way I would approach them. Yeah, I haven’t faced it at all, I don’t know why it poped up. Last week I have been so closed … suddenly like … Sounds Overlap. Learn more at

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